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Sharing- what we did

We did not make them share food gifts they were given, but we did not let them eat those gifts in front of others who didn’t have a treat. Community property toys:  even if a toy is community property, the child who is currently playing with it is the one who has priority. I have shared […]

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Grandparents and gift monsters

I wrote this a few years ago, but it’s still true (except I don’t have young kids at home any more).  It’s an issue that comes up a lot- what do you do when grandparents keep giving your kids stuff you don’t want?  And what if they ignore your carefully selected gift lists and amazon wish lists? […]

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Squill and Orphans

My great-grandmother planted a small blue flower in her yard probably 65 years ago. She’s long gone, but her house is now where one of our daughters and her familiy live, and the yard is now covered in these blue beauties every spring- they are always the first to bloom. My daughter tells me they […]

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Church With Children

In one congregation where we lived, my husband was asked to teach a class on parenting.  Naturally, during the course of that class our one year old son escaped from me and raced up the aisle to his father in the middle of class. We’re far from perfect. It was about that same time when […]

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Apple falls near tree

WE still haven’t put all the Christmas stuff back in boxes. If that were the biggest issue, we’d be doing well, but the house is a mess. I have zero motivation, combined with an ongoing head-cold with body-aches thing and my usual everything hurts mantra and basic laziness (see: zero motivation). It’s hard to know […]

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