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Where Go The Children?

This picture illustrated the January 1913 cover of a Ladies’ Home Journal magazine. It’s by S. B. Pearse.┬áSusan Beatrice Pearse (1878 -1980) was an English Illustrator of children’s books. I don’t know what Pearse was illustrating here, but because of the association of poppies with sleep, it reminded me of one of my mother’s favourite […]

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I’m reading an old book called Love of a Lifetime by Caroline Gardiner Cary Curtis (published in 1894). The young protagonist is experiencing some ups and downs and disappointments in her life, and one night she asks her very elderly grandmother if things that happened when she was young seem very different to her now. […]

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Life with mostly Littles

This is a repost The above picture shows four of our five oldest children (the Equuschick can only be seen by her foot and hand) encouraging our sixth baby to walk to them. The oldest is about 13. When those older girls were younger, one day I had three children, ages 9, 7 (almost 8), […]

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Run Away Moms

This is an older post by Mile Hi Mama, still something to think about. ┬áThe Little Boys come to mind, of course. My husband and his sisters could relate- their mother walked out the door when he was a baby, leaving them in the care of a babysitter, with a note on the door telling […]

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Road Trips with Littles

Ya’ll may recall this post from two weeks ago. Actually, in spite of the “and occassionaly even enjoy them” line, The Equuschick usually does enjoy them. But sometimes the baby is teething and has a stuffy nose and your neck gets stiff trying to nurse the baby in the carseat, Human Gumbydoll Style. But really, […]

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