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Doing the Work He Has Put in Your Hands

The husband and father of the Saunders family died after a sudden illness, leaving Mrs. Saunders a young widow with a 6 and a 4 year old child to care for. “Long days and weeks rolled around, and Harry and Mary wondered how papa came to go away and leave them, and why, if he […]

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Waste Some Time

In the interest of efficiency and time management, many a harried householder has dispensed with certain niceties or small gaities because they are unnecessary and too much trouble.  It might be little treats such as afternoon tea with the children, niceties such as folded napkins or placemats beneath the plates, or a snack right out […]

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Preparing for Motherhood

Preparing for motherhood, fatherhood, or really, preparation for becoming an adult, ideally begins when we are quite young. I think possibly most of us think of the sorts of things we need to prepare for parenthood as a list of skills to learn: diaper changing, holding a baby, what to do with a sick baby, […]

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Do Ye Nexte Thynge

This was a popular proverb during the Victorian and Edwardian era, although its origins are a little murky. It’s been attributed to the Scots, to Quakers, to the walls of Eton, and the gates of an un-named English village, and to Puritans. It’s been spelled variously as doe the nexte thynge; do ye nexte thynge; […]

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For the Weary

Dear Mommies, Please be nicer to yourselves. Dear Homeschooling Mommies. Please be nicer to yourselves.  We all need to have a goal, and I feel like since I’m gonna fail anyway, I might as well try to aim high if only in my head.  The thing to remember is – it’s a goal,  not an hourly […]

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