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The NYT Discovers Ehrlich Was Wrong About Overpopulation

This is really must reading (and watching).  Seriously. Listen to the sanctimonious totalitarianism from people who think of themselves as liberal (and Richard Nixon). They don’t underline it, but as I’ve mentioned before, notice how closely connected his overpopulation epiphany is directly connected with being confronted by an overwhelming (to him) number of brown people […]

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Brainy Fridays: The Busy-Brained Negotiator

This is a post that came to The Equuschick in a moment of sheer inspiration during a fb conversation with a friend whose 4 year old had announced during supper, “Mommy! I’m helping you.” When his mother asked how, specifically, he was helping her, he replied cheerfully, “By eating my supper and not spilling it […]

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Happy Earth Day

So sacrosanct the liberal media believes its mission to be, that they haven’t even bothered to hide their bias. CNN’s environmental editor Barbara Pyle, as quoted in the July 1990 issue of American Spectator, actually bragged: “I do have an axe to grind…I want to be the little subversive person in television.” Time magazine’s science […]

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The successful indoctrination of a nation: "…change man’s basic values and attitudes"

I wrote about ‘teaching as a subversive activity’ here, and I talked about the I word- indoctrination. This is a subject we should think about and think about more seriously.  Instead, when the word comes up we want to tease somebody about tinfoil hats. I wonder why that’s such a typical response (mine, too). We […]

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Overpopulation Myths and Powergrabs

“We can meet the challenge of feeding a planet of 9 billion people through the application of existing technologies”. For example, Dr Fox pointed out, in Africa, no less than half the food produced is destroyed before it reaches its local marketplace: with refrigeration and good roads, the developing world could avoid this horrendous waste. […]

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