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Vintage Housekeeping Advice

I found this article titled “A Plea for Disorder” in an old Good Housekeeping magazine (the illustration above is from a completely different magazine). The title caught my attention, of course. In fact, in these times when all my online friends are talking about Kondo-izing, decluttering to the point of monkish sparsity, it kind of […]

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Household Shortcuts

These are just a few little things that- to be honest- when we actually do them, things go more smoothly than we don’t.  I’m not saying we always follow through on these, just that IMO, things work better when we do.  In no particular order:   If you have a dishwasher, train yourself and your […]

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Organization Tricks and Tips for large families

The best organizational tip is William Morris’ classic advice that you have nothing in your house you do not believe to be beautiful or know to be useful. Reduce, reduce, reduce. Simplify, simplify. I am not very good at following this, btw. Although these suggestions are for elementary school teachers, there are also some good […]

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Keystone Habits, Routines, And a Giveaway!

Ironically enough, despite this post’s ties to the new year, goals, resolutions, and all that jazz, it’s something I’ve been meaning to write about since early December. Perhaps it’s better that things didn’t work out for posting until now; early December is rather a rush toward the end of the year for many of us, […]

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Furnishing A New Home On The Cheap, Part 1

This post aka: Bragging On My Husband. The Strider and I purchased our first home in early June, as readers of TCR know. Previously we lived in a 750 square foot efficiency apartment (with two babies. yes, it was tight by American standards, but it CAN be done). Now we’re in a 1700 square foot […]

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