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Red Fox Sketches

Scroll down for  a larger collection of red fox sketches.  They are from School Arts magazine, volume fifteen (1916, I think). If you have never seen a red fox (at the zoo, in the wild, on a nature program), it would probably be good to look at a few pictures- try here or this video of a […]

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Nature Study and the Scientific Method


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Nature Study: Personal Acquisition of knowledge and experience

Didactic Method: Lecture approach, teacher imparts information “…the teacher need be no specialist nor qualified expert ; all that is required of him is that he shall have broken away from the old didactic methods of imparting information, and have the enthusiasm which arises from a love of nature. On the other hand it is […]

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Nature Study and Observation

  “…the training of the child’s mental powers means more than the developing in him an ability to memorize facts. The subject matter presented with this end in view should differ materially from that by which we simply wish to make the pupil the possessor of facts for the sake of familiarizing him with a […]

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