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Nature Study and Observation

  “…the training of the child’s mental powers means more than the developing in him an ability to memorize facts. The subject matter presented with this end in view should differ materially from that by which we simply wish to make the pupil the possessor of facts for the sake of familiarizing him with a […]

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Injurious Insects: Vintage Images

“Injurious’ here means pesky and destructive, not just ‘will make you sick or kill you.’ So some moths make the cut, as well as beetles, caterpillars, and mosquitoes.More, along with Ideas on how you might use these below. Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Bookmark in Browser Tell a […]

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Doodlebugs & Antlions, oh my!

Over the week-end I picked up a copy of Jennifer Ackerman’s Notes From The Shore, a book of essays about shore life along Cape Henlopen, Delaware. Books about the ocean are always sure to catch my interest, and since we had the good fortune to be able to visit Cape Henlopen a few years ago, […]

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Flower Identification Terms

The pages below come from Wild flowers of New York, Volume 72, Issue 2, Homer Doliver House, The University of the state of New York, 1920. I found them very useful. Knowing these terms may seem intimidating at first, but it’s what you need to learn to move beyond the colour based method of flower […]

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Audio Post: Nature Study, The Ideal

In 1905 Reverend Thornley presented the following paper to a P.N.E.U. Conference- well, he presented a longer version- this audio file is just part 1. In this section on the ‘ideal’ he is not presenting idealistuc but impractical ideas for nature study. Rather, he is explaining the ideology behind nature study- why it’s important, what […]

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