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Veteran Homeschoolers know that homeschooling can take us anywhere, and we never can be quite sure where the next interest will lead us. One of the things My favorite Homeschool Mentor, Miss Charlotte Mason, talks about is the importance of putting children in touch with what she calls their ‘affinities.’ Affinity can mean ‘A natural […]

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Nature Study

I swept out a forgotten nook last December and found this little critter, long dead, dusty, and brilliantly blue. I scanned an image of it to get a better look (I think my scanner makes a lovely microscope). I don’t know what it is, and I don’t think I should have liked to have met […]

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Stories of Luther Burbank and His Plant School

The title of this post is the title of one of the books I picked up at the recent library booksale. This color plate is one of 8 such colored plates in the book. There are many other black and white illustrations.The book is by Effie Young Slusser, Mary Belle Williams, and Emma Burbank Beeson, […]

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The Primrose Post

I thought I’d share an adaptation of a post from the past, another forum, another time (i think the FYB was either an infant, or he was still in the womb), but, I hope, of some general interest and quite suitable for spring: Dear _____________(insert your name here), Thought I’d share what the kidlets are […]

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