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There’s More to a CM Education Than Narration

As somebody else somewhere said, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I don’t know about that, but I do know that sometimes a little knowledge can be a misleading thing. Charlotte Mason wrote six books outlining her theories on education. She wrote the first book for children under the age of nine, and many […]

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Narration, Beginning

When we first begin narration, and any time I think they are flagging in attention or I think the reading is more complex, I read a single paragraph, then stop and ask them to tell me what we just read about. Other times I read that single paragraph and ask them to tell me one […]

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Narration Questions

Q. Narration seems too easy. Surely they would learn more if I also had them do workbook pages and activities to connect their reading with other school topics? A. In general, homeschooling is concentrated work- we leave out a lot of time-wasting activities, and we move ahead as quickly as our child(ren) can, so it […]

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Answering a Question about Narrations

In response to this post on narration, Connie and Juanita both asked questions about narration, and I thought it might be more helpful to answer those questions here. 1. Do you always write what they say? Or sometimes just listen? I almost never write down their narrations, and you don’t need to, either. Yes, that’s […]

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The following post was written two years ago on an email list. It was true when I wrote it, but the last few months have played havoc with more than one thing in our lives. I’m struggling to get our feet back on solid ground ‘for the childrens’ sake,’ and so these old posts are […]

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