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Listening To….

Tiger JK, a Korean rapper who is works in America, and Jinsu from the group Mad Soul Child, a South Korean electro-house group. I am in love with both their voices. The song is the OST for the School 2015 K-drama, featuring a heartbreaking story that includes some truly vicious bullying, the kind only mean […]

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Country Music Mashup

This is totally hilarious: IT’s by Sir Mashalot. He’s got a facebook page and he’s planning a release of a 25 song pop mash up soon. Songs in the same genre will sound similar because there are certain traits that fit a song in one genre rather than another. What impresses me is not the […]

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Listening to: I Am Me Once More

I am me once more Her voice plucks at the strings on my soul. The sassy, self-confident lyrics make me smile. I know a couple of our regular readers are women who needed to be the one to say good-bye, and did. I think of you when I listen to this. I hope you feel […]

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Music: The Key to Her Heart, by Reuby

He’s just 19. I think he’s from Singapore. The Key to Her Heart-Reuby 英文歌词整理制作LRC By 东宫瞳瞳 I asked mother, “How do I win a girl’s heart?” She said “First, don’t be anybody other than who you are. Don’t let her catch you being someone else. Make sure she knows you’re the guy you seem to […]

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The Hunger Games and Folk Music

Are you, are you Coming to the tree Where they strung up a man they say he murdered three. Strange things did happen here No stranger would it be If we met at mid-night in the hanging tree. Are you, are you Coming to the tree Where the dead man called out for his love […]

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This was amusing to me- I was looking up something else on the blog, and found this, from a post in 2006: We were discussing music and weddings and these are the chosen selections: HG: Part of the overture from Much Ado About Nothing. Jenny: The Moonlight Sonata, by Beethoven. DHM: We didn’t have music at our […]

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Lake Isle of Innisfree, by Yeats

I haven’t done this in a while, I think, so perhaps a explanation or a reminder is in order. From time to time I like to pick out a song, usually a folk song, and find different interpretations of it on youtube, sharing the same song by a different artist every night for about a […]

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Killing Time, Heavy

Get your feet back on the ground…. I can tell you nothing about the song or the band except that this song was one of the songs used on a K-drama I watched this week, and it made me mellow. Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Bookmark in Browser […]

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I think I’m in big trouble

This is pretty much totally, freakily, bizarrely insane: I think it’s the onion that makes the entire video for me. And I just let my one year old grandbaby watch it. On the one hand, it’s not nearly so bad as the time my father tried to let my four year old watch Platoon. On […]

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Nana Mouskouri sings Day is Done

If I ever heard of Nana Mouskouri, I had forgotten it- and I do forget a lot, but I came across her rich, multi-layered voice a couple years back while looking for various versions of Blow the Wind Southerly- I could only find a sample clip of her singing that song at Amazon, but I […]

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