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K-Drama: Just Between Lovers, Rain or Shine, Just in Love- that JunHo drama

Hangul title: 그냥 사랑하는 사이 Sounded out roughly, that’s Geunyang Saranghaneun Sai Other English titles: Rain or Shine, Just in Love I mentioned in the middle of watching it. I just finished it and I’ve cried to the point of dehydration. I love this one, but it’s a unique place in my heart, and I’m […]

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Well, This is Fun

Choreographed DNA, along with the primary paintbox of the 70s I think.  At least, several scenes and the colour schemes remind me of seventies album covers I had that I wish I’d sold instead of tossing out.   It is fun.  I found myself grinning at them, cute puppies that they are.   English lyrics […]

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Folk Songs

Folk songs can become the sound-track of our lives in a really special way.  Mundane, every day moments because enriched, sprinkled with star dust, tinted by rainbows when a child brings a song into the moment. There’s something really special about those. I have forever burned on my mind a beautiful image of two little girls […]

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Folksongs IV

Previously   What if *we* do not like folksongs? In volume 2, page 17, Miss Mason explains that when we consult our tastes rather than our children’s needs, we are making unlawful use of our authority. As to whether or not they are a need, I will address this in more detail in a later […]

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Acapellago: Joy to the World

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