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K-Drama Review: Hotel King

Cha Jae-Wan (played by Lee Dong-Wook) Ah Mo-Ne (Lee Da-Hae) Cha Jae-wan: cold, capable, ambitious general manager for Hotel Ciel. Ah Mo-Ne, outwardly party girl fashionista jetsetter, inwardly, capable, smart, afraid, and untutored in the hotel business. She is the Chairman’s daughter. the Chairman has died in a horrible plummet from the peak of the […]

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Bollywood Movie: Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein stars Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor in a fairly typical rom-com.  They are star-crossed lovers.  She’s a Punjabi, a couple years older than he is and a highly committed social activist.  He’s a…. well, I forget, because it’s not  my culture and I don’t know what it all means, and mostly […]

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KDrama Review: My Unfortunate Boyfriend

Thanks to the blogger at Living in Logan Land for the meme to the left- it’s perfect. Check out her blog- she does this stuff all the time, and it’s cute as can be. Who is in it? No Min Woo as Yoon Tae Woon- No Min Woo plays the scary monster killer/Vet in My […]

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Spanish Movies REasonably Safe to Watch

Watching movies and television shows in a language you are studying really does help with developing your receptive language skills (understanding what you hear). But if you’re studying Spanish, you know that Mexican television is highly sexualized. It’s hard to find shows that are family friendly. Here are a few I’ve seen that I can […]

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Drama Review: The Time Between (Spanish)

On a five star basis, I’d give this a five out of five.  It pretty much has everything going for it- setting, cast, characters, plot, even background music. Produced in Spain.  Based on a novel by María Dueñas- The Time In Between Seams: A Novel (2009, translated into English by Daniel Hahn 2011, in Australia […]

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