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K-Dramas since moving to the Philippines

Catching up on my dramas has been slow. On the plus side, we have a young neighbor who is Korean and teaches at our school, and we have him over for dinner a couple times a week, I’m honorary Auntie to another young Korea teacher at the school, my closest coworker (I’m at the high […]

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Current K-Dramas, Take 2

By ‘current,’ I mean dramas I am watching now.  That may also mean dramas that are still airing, but it might just mean some ten year old drama that I am currently watching. (Okay, but also by ‘current,’ I mean dramas I’m watching now when I remember to update this post!) I continuously- but quite […]

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More K-Dramas

Five Children– long, weekend drama (over 50 episodes planned, I believe)- Family  dramas like this one tend to follow certain patterns, several romances (a young one, a silly one, a middle aged couple), 3 generations, and often major family turmoil, conflict, adultery.  While there is an adulterous relationship in this one, it happened 3 or more years before the show begins, it ended the marriage, […]

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Movie Night: My All-American

My All-American: My son recommended we watch this one.  It’s a great ‘boy’ movie.  There is a lot of football stuff, which the Boy was pleased to explain to us.  Parts of the story are a little slow.   I was impressed by how clean it was, apart from a few bad words, but if […]

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Movie Review

Last night some of us watched an old movie called Gambit, starring Shirley Maclaine, Michael Caine, and several well known actors sporting spray tans and pretending to be middle eastern. Maclaine is herself supposed to be an unusual beauty of exotic parentage (father Eurasian, mother French-Canadian), mainly done with a thoroughly unconvincing amount of eyeliner, […]

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