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Playing a Shell Game with the Military

And playing the public for fools. Of course, that part’s working pretty well. …removing a Brigade from Iraq (or from the schedule to go to Iraq) and replacing it with another Brigade is no way to accomplish a “drawdown” (except in newspaper headlines). And in newspaper headlines, that is how it was depicted, although no […]

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Hamas and Israel

Krauthammer, on The Necessity of Israel: For Hamas the only thing more prized than dead Jews are dead Palestinians.

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Hamas, Israel, Double Standards and What Hamas Doesn’t Want

Winds of Change: While much of the world engages in hand-wringing, placard-waving, teeth-gnashing, and rocket-launching over Israel’s “disproportionate” response to Hamas attacks from Gaza, it’s worth looking at what the doctrines of “proportionality” actually say. Making the rounds is a two-year old quote from Lionel Beehner’s paper for the Council on Foreign Relations in which […]

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Double Standards in the ‘World Community’ over Israel and Hamas

Keep in mind that all through the ‘ceasefire,’ Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel (just fewer of them than before) and that it was Hamas who chose to end the ‘ceasefire.’ Read Mark Steyn: After all, when French President Sarkozy and other European critics bemoan Israel’s “disproportionate” response, what really are they saying? That […]

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Israel has entered Gaza

more here. Victor David Hanson: There is something especially nauseating about the latest Middle East war — scenes of worldwide Islamic protests with photos of Jews as apes, protesters (in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida of all places!) screaming about nuking Israel and putting Jews in ovens, parades of children dressed up with suicide vests and fake […]

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