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Why we should all despise the mainstream media

Reporter Lara Logan told the truth about her industry in an interview this week, and acknowledged it was career suicide. Logan is one of the very few brave journalists who actually has run into the fire, and she survived a brutal, horrific series of rapes and assaults in the midst of the ‘Arab Spring’ because […]

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Gun Ownership, a Well Regulated Militia, and Free Speech

The very same leftists who believe requiring voter ID is the modern day equivalent of poll taxes and literacy tests, even when the ID is provided at no charge to the same people who curiously manage to be able to deftly navigate the welfare benefits maze, support all sorts of “reasonable” “common sense” restrictions on […]

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Test Your Current Event Information Source This quiz isn’t just about your knowledge of the Zimmerman/Martin case, which everybody is probably sick of by now, unless you are a member of either family, in which case it will haunt you forever. Using that case, the Carthago Project is seeking to highlight and help correct the most popular myths in our […]

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MSM Become Gossip Columnists, Host Feeding Frenzy

(Language alerts for some of the posts linked from here) News outlets are engaged in what the Hollywood Reporter rightly calls a feeding frenzy over the release of thousands of emails from Sarah Palin’s term as governor. “Given the size of the cache, we reckon the collective eyes of thousands of you will find the […]

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NPR Exec Admits They’d Be Better Off W/O Govt Funds

And also, that they are unbiased and the rest of the media isn’t because they, unlike the rest of the media, are not owned by those Jews. O’Keefe of Acorn busting fame (or infamy, depending on your point of view. I think fame) tackles NPR. He and a pal pretended to be members of an […]

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