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Nudibranchs, Coral, Crochet and Math

Nudibranchs may not be able to do math, but perhaps they are performing math: For your somewhat advanced students with a healthy curiosity about and interest in topics like marine biology, especially nudibranchs and coral), geometry, holograms.. and crochet! “Living in tropical coral reefs are species of sea slugs known as nudibranchs, adorned with flanges […]

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Math game app I liked

DragonBox Algebra 5+ Reviews for this were so high, I actually paid for it.  I love it.  I can’t say it would have taught the young me algebra, but it definitely would have made young me more comfortable with many of the concepts and equations. Negative reviews at Amazon mostly have to do with downloading to a kindle.  I […]

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Romping through mathematics

Following excerpted from an oop book, Romping through Mathematics: AS Easy as One, Two, Three ARITHMETIC ARITHMETIC is the science of numbers just as botany is the science of plants and astronomy the science of the stars. Even in the very early days of recorded history men knew something about numbers. They had to. They […]

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Tools for Teaching: Multiplication method

Mulitplication method The partial products methods (although at the time I learned it, I had no idea that’s what it was called) improves on the traditional method of multi-digit multiplication in two main ways. All multiplication is done first, then addition at the end. The current method requires the student to switch back and forth […]

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Choosing a Math Program

Some time ago, Barry Garelick wrote One Step Ahead of the Train Wreck which was posted at The Train Wreck is the Every Day Math program used at his daughter’s school. The way he stayed one step ahead is by using Singapore Math and tutoring her and a friend after school at home. This […]

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