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Marriage: A Need to Meld Separate Visions

And vice versa, of course. “The basic practical problem of a marriage now seems to me to be this: two fine healthy young people wake up one morning and find themselves alone together in the soul of their marriage, realizing that they really don’t know each other at all. What has happened is that each […]

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The HG’s Reading Lately…

…finished these books in the last month(ish): ~ Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain ~ If I were to give this a numbers rating out of 10, I think it’d be a 7. Cain brilliantly handles the way our group-think society ignores the real value of […]

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I love my husband

Back-story: I don’t normally think of myself as a vain woman, in fact, I lean toward slightly careless (or independent, depending on who you ask) in my style of dress and hair. However. The so called ‘Mask of pregnancy’ never really left me. For a while, I thought it looked like I’d been eating chocolate […]

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Hurting Homes, Part II

I’m moving a comment from this post up to repost it on its own, with a bit of editing.  It’s an important topic and, while I am not vain enough to imagine I have something to say that has never been said before, I do know human nature enough to know that sometimes we need […]

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For Hurting Homes

From time to time women in pain have left comments like this one on my blog: Struggling right now with being told my resume has a “red flag” because I have been home so many years raising my kids. I love my job being home, homeschooling, keeping house. I am only looking for a job […]

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