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Knowledge and Education

Reposted from 2006 “Root ideas are much more important in practical affairs than we usually realize, especially when they are so much taken for granted that they are hidden from our view. In American education, the ideas that influence us, though often hidden from view, come to us from the intellectual movement known as Romanticism, […]

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According to this TN program: “Overall, less than half of our third and fourth graders are reading on grade level based on state tests, and more rigorous national assessments suggest that only one-third of our fourth graders are proficient – an unacceptable outcome in a state that has prided itself on being the fastest improving […]

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We’re Doing It Wrong

I am not surprised when public schooled kids are good kids and have a decent education (after all, most homeschooling parents are also graduates of public schools so have some first hand experience). But I am relieved, because statistically public schools have a dismal track record. They give diplomas to kids who are functionally illiterate […]

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Reading and the Brain

“The potentially dyslexic child may have his disability agnified by exclusive reliance on the whole word method.”  1966, Dr. Leon Eisenberg   “In recent years there has been a great tendency to attribute special learning disabilities to a number of youngsters whose difficulties are not very special, not very specific, and not very clearly related […]

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Reading and the Dodo Bird

“When Jakob Nielsen, a Web researcher, tested 232 people for how they read pages on screens, a curious disposition emerged. Dubbed by The New York Times “the guru of Web page ‘usability,’” Nielsen has gauged user habits and screen experiences for years, charting people’s online navigations and aims, using eye-tracking tools to map how vision […]

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