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1920 Refugee fundraising ad for Ford

I love so much about this.  Be sure to look below the fold for the full picture in colour.

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Large Family, homeschooling Charlotte Mason style

When you are homeschooling multiple children in various ages, programs like may seem overwhelming or even impossible.  Many homeschooling families choose unit studies or other programs which have several children of various ages studying the same topics at the same time. One thing to keep in mind is that if this approach still has […]

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Household Shortcuts

These are just a few little things that- to be honest- when we actually do them, things go more smoothly than we don’t.  I’m not saying we always follow through on these, just that IMO, things work better when we do.  In no particular order:   If you have a dishwasher, train yourself and your […]

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Yeah, Kids In Large Families All Hate It

Baby 6 learning to walk just before she was 9 months old.  Big sisters are all eager to encourage her.  Four of the big girls are shown here, though you can’t see our second girl, The Equuschick, at all, unless you notice that the there’s an extra arm and leg that don’t seem to belong […]

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One on One Time With Children

I wrote this a long time ago.  I was going to update it, correct ages and tenses, but that grew tedious, so I quit.=)  I’ll just say that the 9 year old I mention in this post is now 22.   For a while we chose Friday mornings for a special one on one time- […]

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