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Tongue Twisters, Just for Fun

Six thick thistle sticks trips me up about the third try.  High roller, low roller, lower roller, I cannot even say it right once.   Copy a handful of your favourite tongue-twisters, the titles of a few of your favourite Bible class or folk songs, and maybe a couple of poems onto an index card. […]

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Draw and Tell This Story

It’s pretty simple, not deeply literary. But I think everybody should have a couple little tricks like this up her sleeve for those moments when you are called on to entertain some young person on the spur of the moment.

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Vintage Reading Game

Click to enlarge   I think a child would get the most out of this is by helping to make one himself, and then making more for a friend or younger sibling.

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Patterns for stick laying

This is the sort of thing that could keep a couple of small children productively interested in something other than mischief while you get lunch ready.  It’s also the sort of thing that could drive a perfectionist child into a freakish melt-down.  I have some suggestions for that below: First suggestion: Ignore most of the […]

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Syrian Folk Game

From a 1921 magazine on teaching Kindergarten and first grade. We played a chicken and fox game when I was a child. The ‘eggs’ secretly chose their color and whispered it to the mother. The ‘mother’ offered to sell her eggs to the fox (I only just now realized what a dreadful game that was). […]

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