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More Videos of School Children Encouraged to Worship the President

There are 11 videos here. Here are the lyrics to one of the songs performed by Morgan Park high school in Chicago. They wanted to perform for the inauguration: Change we can believe inChange that makes a differenceTogether we can change the worldTell every man and woman, every boy and girl Change can tear down […]

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The Presidential Personality Cult for Children

More here. “Uniting black and white?” “Being both, he cannot take sides?” “Change has come, change has come.” “Fly free.” It’s supposed to be a PTA meeting, so presumably parents are on board with having their children worship at the alter of this personality cult. He’s just a man, however, and some of these children […]

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Ongoing. Seriously, this is incredibly creepy. Besides the whole ‘Dear Leader’ flavor of this, the problem of taking public school children and putting these over the top praises of a single human being in their mouths, and the political partisanship and manipulation of little kids, they’ve taken the lyrics of an old Sunday School Song […]

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President Obama to Address the Nation’s Children on First Day of School

Remember that nauseatingly idolatrous video from Ashton Kucher and Demi Moore (I Pledge…)?It was all about the cult, and I do mean cult, of personality. Well it was recently shown to indoctrinate schoolchildren in a public school. The PTA President and school principle made this decision on their own and parents found out about after […]

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Caught in the headlights, the deer temporized. With steely skill.

I don’t know how they face themselves in the mirror, the American press. I really don’t.

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