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Hurricane’s Gonna Hit…

Giggle, giggle- to quote, roughly, former National Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Don Fowler and Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina. Via Red State:God’s going to destroy all those people’s homes and risk their lives, maybe even kill a few, just to help the Democratic party out. Yep. The party of compassion. And, on […]

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New Orleans Revisited

Nasty weather is brewing up for Louisiana again, and a look at the Drudge Report shows a slew of links with headlines like MAJOR HURRICANE GUSTAV PICKS UP STRENGTH AS IT PASSES OVER CARIBBEAN… WIDE STORM… LA MAY EVACUATE PARTS OF COAST… GUSTAV TRACK… MODELS… SATELLITE… ‘EXTREME DANGER’… HANNA TRACK… No shelter for those that […]

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Happy Birthday

to Langston Hughes More later. Later: Here’s a brief biography.Because his parents divorced when he was young, like the Headmaster he was largely raised by his grandmother. His grandmother told him stories of his family history, including tales of her first husband, a freedman who died at Harper’s Ferry in John Brown’s uprising. By the […]

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More Katrina Myths

I am extremely angry right now. I shouldn’t be angry, I should be happy, because behind the outrageous truth is the good news that ten thousand people are not dead, bodies were not stacked around the walls of the Convention Center, and untold numbers of children were not, as far as anybody can discover, attacked […]

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Alessandro Manzoni and New Orleans

THE PLAGUE, which the Board of Health had feared might enter …into the Milanese, had entered it indeed, as is well known; and it is likewise well known, that it paused not here, but invaded and ravaged a great part of Italy. Following the thread of our story, we now come to relate the principal […]

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