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Daddy and He Knows It

[youtube] The Boy just showed me this youtube video which Pip showed him. There’s about 30 seconds too much bootie shaking for me, but the kids are adorable and the daddy reminds me a lot of my husband when the five girls were younger. He lifted weights the same way. They have four boys […]

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Cos a Boy’s Best Friend is His Mother

The girls and I have been talking about changing the Boy’s style a bit. Right now it’s kind of hayseed. I’ve been spending some time looking up hairstyles I think would work for him, and came across this one- which is cool because this actually does kind of look a little like my son- similar […]

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We are reading THE COVERLEY PAPERS, FROM THE ‘SPECTATOR’, and in the closing of one of the selections, we read the following epigram, which did not amuse the youngest two as much as it did me: Let _Rufus_ weep, rejoice, stand, sit, or walk, Still he can nothing but of Noevia talk; Let him eat, […]

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Mouths of Babes

Today we were all at Striderling’s house (all but the three daddies, who were at work). The HG told Jenny to come feel, as the unborn little one was kicking and poking. Jenny was feeling, when the Dread Pirate Grasshopper (age 2) came over and asked what they were doing. They let him feel. “What’s […]

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Best Laid Plans of Mice and Mom

This Thursday the Four Moms are specifically discussing lunches for our husbands, and it’s a link-up, so be sure to come back and join us, sharing a post about what you make for your hubby to eat at work (or if you don’t do that, what you do instead and why). I have been letting […]

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