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Clean Trash Cans

Or garbage cans, or rubbish bins, or whatever you call them in your particular region…. This is not a sexy post, but the goal is to make this nasty job easier so you can have more time for the fun stuff. The first thing is prevention- how do we do our best to keep the […]

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House and Home

From a book called The House and Home: A Practical Book written and edited By Lyman Abbott with chapters by various other authors,  published in 1896: “GOOD housekeeping involves a knowledge of art and science. A knowledge of the first is essential if the element of beauty is to be in the home; a knowledge […]

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Keystone Habits, Routines, And a Giveaway!

Ironically enough, despite this post’s ties to the new year, goals, resolutions, and all that jazz, it’s something I’ve been meaning to write about since early December. Perhaps it’s better that things didn’t work out for posting until now; early December is rather a rush toward the end of the year for many of us, […]

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For YEARS I wondered, I mean, really, really wondered, what was wrong with me that I couldn’t keep my house neat and tidy all the time and find time to do all the wonderful things that other moms seemed to do, and I thought I was just totally defective (which I am in some ways) […]

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The Federal government is not the first responder in the event of a disaster- read FEMA’s website, keeping in mind at all times that state and local authorities means *local* officials for the states and towns in which the disasters occur. STate and local authorities does not mean Federal agencies.  State and Local Authorities are […]

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