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The Key To Slicing Home-made bread

Start with home-made bread:   I have experimented with lots of different recipes because I sometimes like to play around with different bread doughs. ¬†However, when I just want a basic whole wheat bread, this is the recipe I tend to come back to. I like my bread sliced on the thin side so that […]

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Cleaning up after pets

The FYG is dog-sitting for Pip this weekend. Yesterday when the FYG picked up Donovan dog, she found evidence that they had been given some boxes of chocolate which were wrapped and under the tree, and the Donovan dog had unwrapped and eaten them. Chocolate is usually horrible for dogs, but he’s proven he is […]

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Why Every Kitchen Needs a Stash of Rubber Bands

  This pot held stew or soup that had cooled off and was being transported 45 miles south. ¬†To keep it from spilling in the car, I used two rubber bands- I put one around the handle of the lid and brought it down to the left pot handle, and then I did the same […]

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Kitchen Tip: Cans

Turn your can upside down and open it from the bottom. toss the lid. Pour contents into your bowl. Now, holding the can over the bowl, use your can opener to open the top of the can, and the contents will slide out. Sometimes you need to push the lid down to push the contents […]

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Getting Organized: I sometimes find myself with time to kill while my kids are in the tub or doing something nearby but with no cleaning supplies nearby to work with. I’ve been wanting to get better organized for a long time, but this week gave me the concentrated time to see the project to completion. […]

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