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Fallow Fields

“…Instead of seeing this hard-working span of years as a time of disciplined growth, it is too commonly thought of as a time of intellectual stagnation for the young mother… …really, they are not dormant years with nothing happening to stimulate a housebound woman’s mental processes, any more than nothing is happening in the fallow […]

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I Am a Chicken

Have you ever watched a chicken roam the yard? It wanders here and there, going in circles, darting off after a moth, now a mosquito, now a grasshopper, scratching the earth, rarely looking up.She spends her days scratching, clucking, wandering in circles, hither and thither. “Those seeking the life of the spirit should be cheerful […]

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Another Side to Our Kitchen

Yesterday we showed you one corner of our kitchen. This is another. When Pip took yesterday’s picture, this counter was on her left with the table and hutch behind her. This is pretty much the full counter space in the kitchen, and as you can see, we clutter it up pretty badly. I took this […]

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