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At the Pace of a Hen posts

For our friend at a Hen’s Pace! We both enjoyed Mrs. Benton’s book At the Pace of a Hen. Chickens go about in circles. So do we. So does DNA. Nothing wrong with that. Josephine Moffet Benton on the joys of reading aloud. recently I heard a paper written for a master’s degree in education […]

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Home-Making On Purpose

Several years ago an online friend wrote about her struggles with being a stay at home mom. She said she was committed to it and that honestly, deep down, she liked it, but she was constantly frustrated by the disconnect between her expectations and reality. In talking with her to flesh out her concerns, I […]

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The Home Order

I’d like to recommend a book I’ve only seen suggested a few places: A Mother’s Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot. I think the reason this doesn’t get broader recognition is because it’s a very Catholic book- I don’t mean that anti-Catholicism is responsible for the lack of publicity, though. Such publicity has it has […]

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Homemade Cleaner

Mix up very thoroughly:2 teaspoons of borax1 teaspoon of washing soda4 Tablespoons vinegar– apple cider or white OR lemon juice (vinegar preferred)1 teaspoon of your dishsoap (or Murphy’s Oil or Castile soap)4 cups of very hot water (it needs to be hot to dissolve the borax and washing soda) You can put this all in […]

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Laundry Soap, Our Recipe

Liquid Laundry Soap RecipeThis is ‘green’ for those interested in more natural cleaners. This is VERY frugal for those interested in their budgets. This cleans clothes, for those interested in clean laundry. And it does not really take that much time. Fels Naptha Soap, Grated (we use a vegetable peeler and just pare it into […]

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