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Meals for Many and Using Leftovers

Supper last night was simply chili and cornbread. I am not going to post the recipe here because I didn’t use one, and it needed LOTS more spice. Chili is a nice meal for a crowd because you can always add more beans, more tomatoes, and/or more water if you need to. Cornbread is a […]

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Making the Most of Small Spaces

Friends of ours have four boys and a three bedroom house. The two oldest boys share the smallest bedroom. To make the most of the space their father and grandfather built sturdy supports for their matching twin beds, turning them into those handy ‘loft’ beds. That freed up quite a bit of floor space in […]

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Hospitality and The Place Setting

From my vintage ‘The Basic Cook Book:” A well-appointed table supplies the proper setting for good food. The choice of linen, silver, china, and glassware is too big a subject to be treated in a cook book. Here it is in order merely to observe that fashions fluctuate but good taste, never. Confusion as well […]

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Storage Space

I’ve shared before about how we went from three to five children, literally overnight. We lived in a house so small that we made a windowless store-room into our dining room and turned the master-bathroom shower into a broom-closet, tool storage area.With three beds in one bedroom, we didn’t have much room for a chest […]

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Doesn’t this fabric look totally edible?! I bought it about three years ago, intending to use it for curtains in the old house, but we used something else instead: Our kitchen in the new house has an island, and we have three stools I picked up at different times and places from yard sales. Their […]

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