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I shape souls, develop character, and follow my bliss…

What do you do? “I am always hopeful that the pendulum will swing back and that women will see again not only the necessity of a mother’s being at home, but also the infinite and rich choice in that occupation for women of all ages. Some will complain of monotony, but how few going out […]

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Fallow Fields

Fallow Fields: A fallow field is one that is not planted for a period in hopes that it will regain its fertility. It is believed that the practice of leaving fields fallow originated because some cultures were forced to return to their old fields, and found that the infertile fields they left behind had become […]

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Answers to quiz and Fallow Fields

Answers to yesterday’s post: 1. Mole and Ratty- Wind in the Willows 2. Roo and Kanga- Winnie the Pooh (not the Disney version) 3. Uncle Analdus and Mother Rabbit 4. Ola and Einar books written in the 1930s by Marie Hamsun and they were translated as “A Norwegian Farm” and “A Norwegian Family.” 5. Jo […]

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Some Days I Feel Like a Chicken

Have you ever watched a chicken roam the yard? It wanders here and there, going in circles, darting off after a moth, now a mosquito, now a grasshopper, scratching the earth, rarely looking up.She spends her days scratching, clucking, wandering in circles, hither and thither. “Those seeking the life of the spirit should be cheerful […]

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How To Fold Stockings

1. take a pair of stockings or tights and lay them out flat.——————————————————— 2. This step is tricky to see, so here’s two photographs in hopes that you can see better. You flip and fold about 2-4 inches of the waistband inside out and down over the stockings, all the way around. Imagine the child […]

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