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Vintage article on home and family

(Previously) Some of this has absolutely no bearing on today, at least not in the U.S. Some of it presents useful principles and ideas.  The illustrations are mostly advertisements I found in a 1920 House Beautiful or similar magazine.   The first essential of the perfect home is its adaptation to the family.  It is […]

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Things I found helpful with orphan hosting

There’s no sense or order to this, and others out there probably have better ideas and definitely more experience, but I needed a good place to put things I want to remember for later. Many of these resources are definitely specific to kids from Russia or Ukraine. Some are specific to orphans. Others could be used in […]

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tips for housewives, circa 1900

The following page shots come from a 1903 Good Housekeeping. The home-made baby bassinet strikes me as a bit out of the ordinary, but the others are typical of the sorts of tips and ideas I find in these vintage housekeeping magazines.   The purpose of a woman’s magazine (or any periodical) then and now […]

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Thankful for….

“If you can manage to use electricity in your home, you have the best deputy housekeeper the genius of man has ever contrived to harness for domestic service. Upon my own breakfast table we have, every morning, the perfection of toast not to be achieved by any other process, colored lightly, crisp and hot, turned […]

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Preparing for Motherhood

Preparing for motherhood, fatherhood, or really, preparation for becoming an adult, ideally begins when we are quite young. I think possibly most of us think of the sorts of things we need to prepare for parenthood as a list of skills to learn: diaper changing, holding a baby, what to do with a sick baby, […]

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