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Step One on Getting Organized

Step two was yesterday. If I were an orderly person, I would not be here trying to figure out how to get organized, again, after nearly 30 years of marriage, seven kids and three grandbabies going on four, now would I? Step two was all about putting together lists, really.  Most of us who are […]

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More On Getting Organized

Step Two is- wait, you ask, where is step one?  Scroll down for step one.  Step two is finding a method that works for you- mine is putting everything in a space I want to clear in a big box or laundry basket and then focusing on those things one at a time. Happily, there […]

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Extra Storage

This is an old piece to a waterbed headboard.  One side is unfinished since it was supposed to face the floor when it was part of the waterbed.  We turned it vertical, placed the unfinished side against a wall, and use it for tall books and magazine storage. Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share […]

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Low-carb Menu

Breakfasts Almond coconut pancakes or cottage cheese pancakes Eggs; scrambled, fried, shirred, and omeletted granola and yogurt (the kids aren’t eating low-carb) Lunches Broccoli and avocado salad with shrimp Stewed cabbage with leftover roast beef Salmon Quesedillas (this one is only low-carb if you buy low-carb tortillas, or you can just have the filling on […]

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Clothesline Tips

These are from a magazine that went out of print years ago. Take a bleach bottle or a clean milk carton and poke holes in opposite sides of the top- run wire or string through the holes to hang up on the clothesline.  Punch holes in the bottom for water to drain through.  Cut a […]

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