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Why Every Kitchen Needs a Stash of Rubber Bands

  This pot held stew or soup that had cooled off and was being transported 45 miles south.  To keep it from spilling in the car, I used two rubber bands- I put one around the handle of the lid and brought it down to the left pot handle, and then I did the same [...]

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Kitchen Tip: Cans

Turn your can upside down and open it from the bottom. toss the lid. Pour contents into your bowl. Now, holding the can over the bowl, use your can opener to open the top of the can, and the contents will slide out. Sometimes you need to push the lid down to push the contents [...]

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Life with mostly Littles

This is a repost The above picture shows four of our five oldest children (the Equuschick can only be seen by her foot and hand) encouraging our sixth baby to walk to them. The oldest is about 13. When those older girls were younger, one day I had three children, ages 9, 7 (almost 8), [...]

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Morning Schedule

In preparation for the New Year coming, I’ve been perusing sample morning schedules online and trying to think about how well they would have worked for me.  Not so great. So I put together the following compilation: Morning Routine: Get up before lunchtime.;-D Fold your blankets down to air out the sheets OR air them [...]

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Serious Recipes for a Crowd

I was looking for recipes for a dinner we were hosting for the college students at our church and found this site of recipes for a crowd. Wowza. Other tips and ideas: ~Plan ahead, then sit down and look over your plan carefully and: See what you can eliminate.  Simplify. What can be done by somebody [...]

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Household Shortcuts

These are just a few little things that- to be honest- when we actually do them, things go more smoothly than we don’t.  I’m not saying we always follow through on these, just that IMO, things work better when we do.  In no particular order:   If you have a dishwasher, train yourself and your [...]

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Organization Tricks and Tips for large families

The best organizational tip is William Morris’ classic advice that you have nothing in your house you do not believe to be beautiful or know to be useful. Reduce, reduce, reduce. Simplify, simplify. I am not very good at following this, btw. Although these suggestions are for elementary school teachers, there are also some good [...]

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Vitally Important Housecleaning Tip

Develop a system, a routine of house cleaning, and then do not clean because company is coming, clean on your regular schedule and let company come who may- if they come before you’ve gotten to the point in your schedule where you scour the bathroom sinks- oh, well. They were scoured recently since you follow [...]

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Saving Money at the Grocery Store While Building Friendships

Prices have been rising on groceries for several years, and this is a direct result of  the government’s policies.   Inflation?  That, too, is is a direct result of government policies.  It is the symptom, not the cause, of a devalued money system. One tool to help you stretch your food dollar is a price [...]

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Housework Tips for Messies

Here are a few small things I’ve heard over years that were a huge help to me- when I actually used them, that is: The Messies manual advice that you start in one corner and work your way around the room, don’t run off to do ten other things.  Quit when you need to quit, [...]

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