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2, 4, 6, 8: Can You Say Procrastinate?

Procrastination: This is also from the book The Perfect Score Project, and of course, it’s about studying for the SAT. But really, it applies to so much, at least so much of my own life. I hate admitting that. Often we don’t call it procrastinating, and we certainly don’t realize we are doing it because […]

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1901- Housekeeping Advice

From Good Housekeeping, volume 33, 1901, some advice on running a summer boarding house, some of which may also prove useful to the mother of a growing family or one with frequent houseguests:   The best dried prunes and apricots when well cooked are delicious. They make an appetizing change and are cheaper than fresh fruit. […]

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My Grandma’s Deployment Bag

In the comments to this post, Tracy asked me what I pack in my emergency bag, which is the pink duffle bag you see to the left.  It’s roughly the size of a backback, with straps and everything just like a regular dufflebag, only about a third the size,  just the right size to sling […]

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Vintage article on home and family

(Previously) Some of this has absolutely no bearing on today, at least not in the U.S. Some of it presents useful principles and ideas.  The illustrations are mostly advertisements I found in a 1920 House Beautiful or similar magazine.   The first essential of the perfect home is its adaptation to the family.  It is […]

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Things I found helpful with orphan hosting

There’s no sense or order to this, and others out there probably have better ideas and definitely more experience, but I needed a good place to put things I want to remember for later. Many of these resources are definitely specific to kids from Russia or Ukraine. Some are specific to orphans. Others could be used in […]

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