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Does it hurt too much? Really?

Hearing some tales of heart-ache about some overseas orphans who can’t be adopted, cannot even be hosted temporarily due to paperwork issues and timing, a friend says, “They’re hostage to a bureaucracy, in a country that cannot find love in its heart and will not release them to become part of a loving home. Same […]

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Hospitality without Apologies

I’m never having you to my house.– how we discourage people. In a vintage cookbook I own (The Basic Cookbook, by Marjorie Haseltine), there is a section on hospitality, the gentle art of inviting people into your home to share a meal with you, to develop closer relationships, to grow, organically, a sense of community. […]

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Emergency Pantry Shelf for Drop-in Guests

This is from a 1922 Good Housekeeping article on keeping a pantry stocked for emergency guests.  The principles and general advice are good. My emergency stock would look totally different from this one, though. I’ll share mine below the article. “In order to maintain the true spirit of hospitality it is essential that the unexpected […]

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Emergency Hearty Soup for Houseguests and Prayer Request

Busy, busy weekend… Friday we had a party at Shasta’s house with more people than we can shake a stick at, and several stayed over at our house. I had no idea how many were staying here until we actually settled down for the night (it’s not that the number was bad, it’s just that […]

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Serious Recipes for a Crowd

I was looking for recipes for a dinner we were hosting for the college students at our church and found this site of recipes for a crowd. Wowza. Other tips and ideas: ~Plan ahead, then sit down and look over your plan carefully and: See what you can eliminate.  Simplify. What can be done by somebody […]

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