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My Grandma’s Deployment Bag

In the comments to this post, Tracy asked me what I pack in my emergency bag, which is the pink duffle bag you see to the left.  It’s roughly the size of a backback, with straps and everything just like a regular dufflebag, only about a third the size,  just the right size to sling […]

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The Hug Drug

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Vaccine related rambling

It’s common to blame those who don’t vaccinate when the vaccinated or the not-yet fully vaccinated catch something like, oh, let’s say pertussis.  The reasons are emotional and fear-based rather than evidence based. Here’s some information put together by a friend: These are quotes WHO’s position paper on pertussis as of 2010. “Although vaccination can prevent pertussis […]

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Acellular Pertussis Vaccine May Cause Rise in Pertussis Cases

Correction: I’m taking this from a comment left by a friend I trust on my fb page:  “The way the press release worded it could be interpreted that the vaccinated animals were contagious just from receiving the vaccine. However, from reading the details of the experiment, I think it meant that the test subjects vaccinated with […]

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The foods our Great-Great-Grandmas Ate

From a 1918 Ladies’ Home Companion Magazine:    

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