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Climate In the News, and The Story of Four Dead Polar Bears

The NYT reports that new EPA regulations may strain the capacity of power plants, which would result in rolling blackouts and brownouts. This story about microbes breaking down the gulf oil spill five times faster than expected is not really a global warming/ climate change story (although there is one speculative mention0, it’s just cool. […]

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Global Warming In The News

The Independent Review- that wasn’t. From warmist Judith Curry’s blog, a guest post by Nicholas Lewis: The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report of 2007 (AR4) contained various errors, including the well publicised overestimate of the speed at which Himalayan glaciers would melt. However, the IPCC’s defenders point out that such errors were inadvertent and inconsequential: they […]

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William Happer: I am a strong supporter of a clean environment. We need to be vigilant to keep our land, air, and waters free of real pollution, particulates, heavy metals, and pathogens, but carbon dioxide (CO2 ) is not one of these pollutants. Carbon is the stuff of life. Our bodies are made of carbon. […]

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Tim Worstall believes in Global Warming-

– but not in most of the ‘green’ solutions: Take for example the Muir Trust’s recent report [3] on wind power. The takeaway point from this is that it simply doesn’t work at any large fraction of the energy supply system. Put to one side the costs, the efficiencies, and consider the variability. It’s well-known […]

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Global Warming Causes Freezing Winters and WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!

For the moment we are breathing again where the STriderling is concerned, which means I found some time to browse the poliblogs and climate blogs and came across some things that tickled my fancy. This comment on how only ‘older people’ don’t believe in global warming, for example, because they are: worse educated and and […]

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