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Quick Summary: 1. Evidently someone (the Hoaxster) called Heartland claiming to be a boardmember and got a secretary to email copies of board meeting documents. It appears 8 documents were sent. The documents were mundane meeting items like funding and budgeting.2. The Hoaxster pulled out certain projects in the budget and forged a 9th document […]

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Skeptics, Climate Change, and Funding

Climate Change isn’t the only field where the money and the sources may have corrupted some of the recipients.  The field of medical research is probably about as corrupt as that of Climate Change. It’s probably been about the last five-to ten  years that I have been following GLobal Warming in the news.  Until recently, […]

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World Bank, Goldman-Sachs, And How Dubious Rubbish Becomes Well Calibrated

Joe Smith, the co-organiser of the Cambridge Media and Environment Programme at the BBC and a Climate Scientist exchange emails discussing funding and “getting global environmental change and sustainability issues into mainstream stories ‘by stealth’”The BBC’s Alex Kirby chuckles about the BBC’s impartiality, ho, ho, ho. Not from the Climate Gate emails, but here’s Alex Kirby explaining […]

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BEST Temperature and Climate Change

There’s a huge tiff in the Climate Science world- the lead author of some recent papers analyzing BEST temperature data issued some public statements about the results of their research that took the second author by surprise, completely.  She says the statements are not warranted by the data and do not accurately reflect their work.  […]

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Climate Change, Global Warming Skeptics, Who Really Gets the Most Funding?

Who allegedly funds the nefarious evil doers of climate Deniers?  Andy Revkin of the NYT professes to know, but he doesn’t check his sources well. James Delingpole is sad that the chart left off the really juicy stuff like blood diamond encrusted codpieces and so forth. Jo Nova has a fabulous graph demonstrating where the […]

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