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How Raising Beef Cows Improves the Climate

From Anthony Watts, this summary of the video below: To encapsulate the idea presented, I’ll borrow from a widely used TV commercial and say: Beef, its what’s for climate You can call me crazy for saying that after you watch this presentation. A BIG hattip to Mark Steward Young for bringing this to my attention. […]

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Global Warming Links to Government Funding

The three researchers audited the forecasting procedures used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), whose “procedures violated 81% of the 89 relevant forecasting principles,” Armstrong noted. Armstrong and his colleagues recommend Congress end government funding for climate change research as well as other research, government programs, and regulations that assume the planet is […]

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Peak Oil, and other failed predictions

Laster winter’s USA weather pattern repeats a pattern 100 years ago: The eastern half of the US completely missed the winter of 1889-1890, while the Pacific Northwest had one of their coldest winters on record. Romm and McKibben would have explained this familiar pattern as being due to chicken farts. The pattern is almost identical to this […]

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Climate Has Always Changed

A history of how climate has changed, and why we shouldn’t get the vapors over it. This week, Congress will consider legislation to amend the 1988 International Telecommunication Regulations to give the U.N. extraordinary powers over the Internet. In September, the authoritarian bloc submitted a proposal titled “The International Code of Conduct for Information Security.” […]

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Track Record

Tsk tsk: Read here. Very simply, for the IPCC’s climate models predicted runway global warming to happen, there has to be a positive feedback from atmospheric CO2 that pushes the climate to a “tipping point.” The positive feedback in the IPCC’s computer models is an ever increasing atmospheric water vapor level (greenhouse gas) due to […]

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