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in China: Protesters arrested, iTunes blocked, elderly women threatened with a year in labor camps for protesting the loss of their homes, and yes, the Chinese gymnasts really are under-age. In Poland: After 18 months of talks, Warsaw agreed to place a US missile-defense base on Polish soil, while Washington committed America to defend Poland […]

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News and Views

Michael Yon says the war in Iraq is over, what’s left is messy politics. Winds of Change is more cautious, but still hopeful. The bit of data that convinced me that the surge has been pretty successful was Obama memory-holing his previous insistence that it couldn’t possibly work from his web-site.Kaplan at Slate magazine, however, […]

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Global Warming Leads to Kidney Stones

Sometimes I just shake my head. This Chicago Trib article warns us that: By the year 2050, the new report estimates that a large chunk of Illinois will fall within America’s “kidney-stone belt,” which currently includes only Southern states. The Chicago area alone would see up to 100,000 extra cases each year, according to the […]

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Will The Hottest Decade Do?

Okey dokey, kids. Remember when it turned out that 1998 was NOT the hottest year on record after all? You know, it was all over in the news, on the television, you couldn’t open a magazine or turn on the television without hearing about it? Okay, no, you don’t remember that, because it didn’t happen. […]

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To Recycle or To Actually Do Something Meaningful?

Over at Thou-And-Thou-Alone, there’s been an interesting discussion on recyling. I my replies have gotten so long I am going to have them do double duty as a post here and a comment there. First, some fun links: Mises has a good article on the benefits of reducing consumption and reusing what we do buy- […]

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