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The Dangerous Politics of Wishful Thinking

The Chevy Volt is a failure, and it’s the most expensive vehicular failure ever- thanks to government subsidies based on wishful thinking. Convinced that they know better than the markets, government agents determined to funnel our money, taxpayers hard-earned dollars, to support this product. That means each single Volt actually costs around a quarter of […]

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Climate Science and AGW Basics and Background

Donald Rapp at Judith Curry’s blog explains: “Why after 400 years of La Niña precedence, did periods of El Niños dominance start in the 20th century? And why did the two periods of strong El Niño dominance in the 20th century occur during a period when the CO2concentration was rising? Is there a link between rising CO2 and […]

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Global Warming and Propaganda

Scientists in a recently peer reviewed and published paper admit that you’ve been lied to and have believed exaggerated, inflated claims about global warming, but their scientific conclusion is that it’s good for you: Noble cause corruption gone wild. People tend to think of scientists as being unbiased, in climate science, apparently if you aren’t […]

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Nutritional and Climate ‘Science’

Trust the media on ‘climate science?’   The following reads like parody from the Onion, but it’s no joke: CBS This Morning featured a futurist who promotes paranormal phenomena like ‘telepathy, telekinesis and mind reading’ as climate expert during its February 13 broadcast. CBS only identified physicist Michio Kaku ([email protected]) as a New York City College professor, with […]

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The Economist: Public Systematically Deceived on Climate Science and Consensus

As a rule, climate scientists were previously very confident that the planet would be warmer than it is by now, and no one knows for sure why it isn’t. This isn’t a crisis for climate science. This is just the way science goes. But it is a crisis for climate-policy advocates who based their arguments on the authority of […]

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