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Australian Radio Program On Climate-Gate

This was a very eye opening, and refreshing, interview– Michael Duffy interviewed Aynsley Kellow, Professor and Head of the School of Government at the University of Tasmania. Expert reviewer for the the United Nation’s IPPC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change and Key Vulnerabilities It’s only a little less than 20 […]

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Defending the defenseless on the basis of….?

Dr. Gerry North defends Jones, Mann, and the rest of the team, specifically defending the ‘nature trick,’ insisting that they’ve done nothing wrong, the emails contain normal science talk, and all is good. Only then he learns that he did not understand the ‘Nature trick’ used to ‘hide the decline,’ and he makes an astonishing […]

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Down the Science Rabbit Hole

Real Climate: This story from the London Times forthrightly states that the raw data that Phil Jones and his team depends upon has been lost. you clarify whether this is true or not.Thanks [Response: No. The original data is curated at the met services where it originated. – gavin] It’s not clear to me that […]

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From ClimateGate Emails- avoiding FOIA Requests, Ignoring Faults In Their Work

Dr. Roy W. Spencer at Watt’s Up With That: At a minimum, some of these e-mails reveal an undercurrent of elitism that many of us have always claimed existed in the IPCC. These scientists look upon us skeptics with scorn. It is well known that the IPCC machine is made up of bureaucrats and scientists […]

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CRU Admits Their Work CANNOT EVER Be Replicated

(my apologies if you think you’ve seen this before but now can’t find it- I accidentally [and not the first time, either] posted a gobbledy gook of a post of collected links and quotes from various stories before I was finished. I gather all this stuff into one post, usually, and then work on it, […]

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