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Record Heat?

“…this summer (June-August) so far has had a near record low number of daily maximum temperature records in the US. The vast majority of summer daily maximum temperature records were set more than 60 years ago, and never matched again.”  More here.

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Global Scaremongers

The Arctic continues not to melt. I predict that within five years, at most, the climate change alarmists will have convinced everybody that they never claimed the arctic is melting at all. Government science even worse than we thought. Can humans melt the Antarctic ice cap?

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38 years of energy subsidies

• A “gas-guzzler” tax on automobiles • A rebate on electric vehicles • A gasoline tax • Subsidies to buses • Taxes on aviation and marine fuel Sound familiar? It should, as these are all parts of the current war on fossil fuels. A year and a half from now, it will be the 40th […]

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Can We Trust Scientific Consensus?

Even the Huffpo is suggesting the answer is not so much: Can we trust scientific consensus? Can we trust the integrity of our scientific institutions? Perhaps not. Over the last few years, a growing chorus of insider critics have been exposing serious flaws in the ways that scientific research is funded and published, leading some […]

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Climate Change in Moscow

And to certify you of the weather here, men say, that these three hundred years was never so warm weather in this country at this time of the year.   From Hakluyt’s Moscow voyages:  THE LETTER OF MASTER GEORGE KILLINGWORTH, THE COMPANY’S FIRST AGENT IN MUSCOVY,Touching their entertainment in their second voyage.  Anno 1555, the 27th of November, in Moscow. 

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