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FLDS Update

I started covering the FLDS story back when the state of Texas responded to a phone call they really had to have known was a hoax by kidnapping some 400 children and adult women it dishonestly claimed were children. The state of Texas engaged in other acts I think will be recognized as violations of […]

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FLDS Update 7/2010

(Don’t miss the 239th Carnival of Homeschooling, History of home education in American edition. Either scroll down, or click here!) I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to FLDS matters because, in my opinion, there’s nothing of huge interest to outsiders going on yet.  I always said that it was likely that there were […]

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FLDS Update 2/09

Updated to add missing attribution and correct a misspelled name. Again. Michael Emack, the third man tried in the YFZ case, pleaded no contest for his ‘marriage’ to a 16 year old girl who delivered a baby. More on his sentencing (and that of the previous two men) at the link. Grits for Breakfast writes […]

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RIP, Barbara Jessop

According to Brooke, at her Plural Life blog, she received word that Barbara Jessop recently passed away from a stroke. She was only 56 years old. Barbara is the mother of the last child to be kept in CPS custody during the Yearning for Zion Ranch raid and subsequent state kidnapping of hundreds of children. […]

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First FLDS Trial Ends In Guilty Finding

Raymond Merril Jessop (now 38) was polygamously wed to 16 year old girl in 2004 (she is now 21). She gave birth to a daughter in August of 2005. DNA evidence indicates Raymond is the father of the pre-schooler, and records found at the ranch gave the details of the marriage (and others, although oddly, […]

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