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Drug Addiction, Newborn Testing, and Foster Care

“…drug testing largely spotlights the substances that harm adults– not the ones that harm the infants.  Alcohol, for instance, is not illegal and it won’t turn up in a drug test, but it is one of the most dangerous substances fora  fetus.  The so-called crack babies, on the other hand, have grown up- and the […]

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CPS, Again Wrongfully Abducts a Newborn

The mother tripped a false positive on a drug test because she ate a poppyseed bagel: Mort and Rodriguez’s daughter was taken by the state a mere day after they returned from the hospital. Despite a test of the child failing to uncover any trace of illicit drugs, a pair of LCCYS caseworkers and two […]

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DSS and the Waldorf Teacher

(picture of Jenny and the FYG on a bridge over the creek about a mile from our house) You may recall the story of Lia Grippo, a Waldorf educator, developer of outdoor programs for children, and teacher, who lost her license because she let her own children and the son of an assistant (who was […]

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First FLDS Trial Ends In Guilty Finding

Raymond Merril Jessop (now 38) was polygamously wed to 16 year old girl in 2004 (she is now 21). She gave birth to a daughter in August of 2005. DNA evidence indicates Raymond is the father of the pre-schooler, and records found at the ranch gave the details of the marriage (and others, although oddly, […]

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Tethering- kindness or cruelty?

Granny Tea sent me this link: Jennings Sunderland’s wife of fifty years, Clarice has Alzheimer’s. Mostly he copes with this by keeping his wife with him while he does the chores on their dairy farm. In the afternoon he naps and she watches television, but to make sure he wakes up if she does, he […]

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