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New Group Alphabet Game

You need a box of letters- scrabble tiles are fine, or use alphabet blocks. Players need to be old enough to know a variety of place names and what letter they start with. The number of players is irrelevant, although more than 3 is probably more fun. The oldest person in the group draws a […]

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Guessing Games to Play

Place three books on the table, in a pile, each one projecting just a little beyond the others. Two people in the group have to be in on the ‘secret.’  One of those two goes out, and then any other person in the group points to any one of the three books. The absent guest is […]

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Draw and Tell This Story

It’s pretty simple, not deeply literary. But I think everybody should have a couple little tricks like this up her sleeve for those moments when you are called on to entertain some young person on the spur of the moment.

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Road Trips with Littles

Ya’ll may recall this post from two weeks ago. Actually, in spite of the “and occassionaly even enjoy them” line, The Equuschick usually does enjoy them. But sometimes the baby is teething and has a stuffy nose and your neck gets stiff trying to nurse the baby in the carseat, Human Gumbydoll Style. But really, […]

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Fun Family Travel Game

How the big family travels… Recently our church had a guest speaker for a few days. His topic was parenting. As a sort of a throw away comment, he mentioned the importance of NOT traveling with a DVD player going (or other electronic gizmos), but to enjoy the family.  Then he shared this amazing travel […]

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