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Decorate a Notebook

You could get very fancy and make the notebook itself. I used a small composition book (they were four for a dollar or something), and for this one, I cut apart a small picture book that had mostly already been destroyed by a stream of toddlers who colored in it, tore a page or two, […]

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Frugal Encouragement

If you’re trying to live a frugal lifestyle, it helps to have frugal friends who share your goals and values. Adults are not immune to peer pressure. Friends who go out to eat often (and worse, invite you along Dutch Treat and are surprised when you never come) can make you feel a bit grubby […]

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Sculpting with Crochet

This is a current project, one I am not sure I will be able to complete before we leave for the Philippines. I am making it up as I go along because any pattern for what I want looks too tedious and complicated for my level of understanding. This means I can’t tell you yet […]

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the distinction between spending and saving

A while ago I noticed that in the frugality department, I was feeling stale, chafed, too busy to bother, and I’d slacked off. We’ve thrown away more food over the last couple of months than I could have purchased 20 years ago- which makes me ashamed. I thought it might help to spend more online time with […]

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Charlotte Mason Bookmarks: Discipline vs Desultory Reading

Click to enlarge, set paper to landscape, margins to .5, preview if you can, and print: Updated to note the typo on the fourth bookmark has been fixed.  I guess my proofreading was a little too desultory.=)

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