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Questions, questions, questions.

I don’t have any Questions for the Four Moms thing this week, but here are some other questions I answered this week (most of them weren’t to me specifically, but I answered them anyway=)). With your first, how long were your contractions 10 minutes apart? I didn’t realize the ‘butterflies’ in my stomach *were* contractions […]

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Four Moms Q and A: Mom’s Clothes; little kids & personal space; big projects; homeschooling K; and your turn- please help this mom.

It’s time for another Thursday group of Q and A- questions readers have asked one of the Four Moms (or all of us).    “I have an answer, let’s see if they match, as my husband likes to say when somebody says to him, “I have a question.”     Q. I have a question […]

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Four Moms: Negativity; Books; the ‘S’ Word; Ezzos and Parenting Books; Vaccines; More

Raising Olives last posted on managing with only littles. It’s a keeper. Life in a Shoe has a great post on drama, space, and Bible translations. Smockity shares her most popular ‘how-to’ posts. Q. What do you do for ear-aches? Mullein, and a goldenseal and garlic oil mix, a few drops. If I don’t have […]

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Four Moms and Noise (bonus: music and kids)

We’re supposed to be talking about the noise levels in a large family today, specifically, answering this question: While I am accustomed to the noise that my children produce (which I don’t consider excessive), my family often makes comments about it and seems annoyed by them after a short period of time. How do you […]

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Q and A; Homeschooling High School; Babies in the womb and sound; Overacting To Childhood Injuries

How do you homeschool through high school? We use Amblesideonline’s upper years, and we have since they were available. Before that, (with our oldest two) we put together our own program.    It’s free, or as near as it can be, and there is a lot of support in the forums where other mothers using […]

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Four Moms Q and A: Read Alouds; Finding Souse (and a Spouse), Bad Language in Books, Picky Eaters, Meals with Preschoolers

It’s Thursday once more, which means it’s another Four Moms Q and A, whoot! I’m interested in tips on how to time read alouds/bible time/family devotions and when to place them in our day to try to maximize attention spans. I have so many good books and resources that I want to use, but it […]

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Four Moms Q and A- How did the HM and I Meet?

Be sure to check out our easy back to school meals, and share your own, as well! How did you and your husband meet? Love story? Hooo, boy. Take a seat. Make sure the babies are occupied safely. Get a glass of water. Take a seat again. This love story does not have a pretty […]

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Q and A; books, food, libraries, etc

 How do you handle dogmatic friends/relatives (their church way is THE way). Well, I am keenly aware of the fact that sometimes we are the dogmatic friends and relatives, so I try not to get too upset.  We change the subject a lot, nod, smile, make noncommital noises, and introduce such scintillating topics as the […]

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Four Moms: Saving; Camp; Car Trip Games; Bean Recipes; Bad Attitudes; Getting Things Done; More…

How do you deal with irrational fears? – my 5 year old is extremely afraid of mummies. It kinda goes with the dark…He thinks they are going to get him if a room is dark. he saw one on an episode of duck tales and its now been several months of this fear and we […]

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Q and A: Dealing with parental guilt, Bible translations, the cost of raising children, children banned from church small groups, and K-Dramas

 How do you deal with/ combat ‘Mommy Guilt’ / ‘Ovarian Guilt’? It comes with the territory.  I will share that recently (as in the last couple of years) I have come to realize that expressions of Mommy guilt can make your children feel like they are unsatisfactory to you (which makes you feel even more […]

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