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Deck the Blogs!!

I was scrolling through some old posts trying to find a specific one. I did not find that yet, but I did find this in a post of favorite Christmas ornaments posted in December of 2005: Home-made- glass ball, thistledown and faded flower petals from our acreage in a previous home (some ten fourteen years […]

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In Which The Equuschick is Locked Out of Her House By the Zeus Dog and the Zeus Dog Later Impersonates Superdog

(Just because your dog isn’t smart enough to do something like that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.) (The Equuschick began the following on Friday night, and finished it just yesterday evening.) Today was a good day. Just disoriented and disorganized, the sort of day where you say at the day’s end “This didn’t […]

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It’s a….

Baby!(and the due date was moved up ten days to September 05)

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At 20 Weeks Along….

Make a pregnancy ticker The baby is now kicking enough to be felt from the outside. The baby swallows, hears and responds to sounds, tastes- and it’s open season on babies at this stage of gestation in all fifty states.

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Shasta felt the baby kick last night. He said he had his hand on the EC’s belly and thought he felt movement, but wasn’t sure. He asked, “Was that the baby?” and then the baby kicked harder. “He’s going to be a soccer player,” Shasta chortled to me when recounting the story this morning. “SHE […]

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