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Making Life Easier with A Special Needs Child, Pt. 1

The Striderling will soon be nineteen months old… which means we’ve gone through approximately a year and a half of regular therapy sessions (both in home and out) and specialist doctor appointments at a children’s hospital ninety minutes from home. Add to this a pregnancy, then a sweet baby girl, and a husband who works […]

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Good News, Bad News, Good News….

So at the Striderling’s most recent evaluation, everybody decided it was a reasonable and doable goal to get him weaned from the g-tube by the end of summer. He eats like a champ, it’s liquids he struggles with.  He does okay with a yogurt drink and a straw, but has trouble with milk, formula, or […]

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Touch Your Toes

The HG is a fairly athletic girl. She’s a decent volleyball player, and she’s a fanatic about exercising every single day, usually with a Leslie Sansone, but sometimes with the Wii Fit at Granny Tea’s house. However, for some reason, she is not a very limber girl. We were surprised to discover that she cannot […]

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Winter Wonderland from my Window

Yesterday we had our Christmas with all the Progeny still at home plus the married kids and grandbabies here. It was unseasonably warm for Christmas here- in fact, the grass is still green in many parts of the county. Or was. Today, I woke up, rolled over- and here’s what I saw out my window: […]

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All together, now:

Aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Striderling, I hope, is whispering to his baby sister that she should not come until the Tuesday after Christmas.

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