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Lunch Today at Strider & HG’s

Seven Layer Salad & Speedy Beef and Bean Burritos I will freely admit that until lunchtime, today was one of those days that makes you wonder why you got out of bed at all. Cooled my heels at the community college for over half an hour waiting for a student, only to be informed that […]

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Memory Lane

This is really funny. I was looking through old emails trying to find something altogether different, and I came across this email I sent to an out of state friend in 2005 in which I mention Strider- you know Strider, who married the HG this past fall? I was very annoyed about something and letting […]

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Another Picture of the Wedding Ring

click to enlarge. Star sapphire in center, jade green leaves on either side, woody pattern carved around band because the HG loves greens, blues, and woodsy things. Incidentally, the HG said this week that only being married to the right man could reconcile her to spending Thanksgiving Dinner elsewhere (they did come out later that […]

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Wedding pics, and still getting used to shiny

Not terribly clear picture of Headless Bridesmaids and adorable grandchild: The pictures were taken before the wedding for the most part, at a historical house just a walk across a lawn from the Community Center where we held the wedding. That made the dresses just that much cooler. More pictures of bridesmaids below, and some […]

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Wedding Pics and Marriage Advice

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