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A Presentation From 5 y.o. Grand-daughter

She threw a cloth over a box to use for her podium and stood up and declaimed.  One of her aunts was there to record some of this off the cuff declaiming.  Fasten your seatbelts, my friends.  This kid is a kick: “This is a day of no funness. I am giving you information which […]

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Oatmeal Raisin Crisps

These cookies are yummy, according to my mother, my daughter, my grandchildren, and me.  Meh, according the Prince of Pickiness, who includes cookies on his list of one million and twelve foods he professes to dislike. The recipe comes from a cookie cookbook my Sunday School teacher gave me in the seventies- we had a […]

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Catastrophs and Contemplations

My grandchildren are adorable, precious, precocious, rambunctious, clever, adventurous, and energetic. There are seven of them. Blynken and Nod are also here, bringing the count up to 9 children ages 10 and under, with all but two of them 5 and under, and Nod has a strange form of hearing disability, as he can only […]

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Grandbaby Stuff

Mommy: Striderling, did you eat some of your sister’s dessert? Striderling,: just a little bit. Mommy: Did you ask your sister about eating her food? Striderling,: (After a short delay) ~ Not yet.   Striderling,  did you push your sister?” “No! I poked her with a fork.”   Mommy: Goodnight, Princess Peach. I love you. Jesus […]

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Green Smoothie Popsicles

When I have leftover green smoothy, I put it in our home-made popsicle molds. When grandbabies come over, I offer popsicles, it makes me very popular, with the grandbabies, at least. The Striderling recently had extensive work done on his teeth, poor thing (so much work he had to be put under to do it, […]

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