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FYG and FYB Hijinks

This is is our sunroom as seen from the diningroom. Incidentally, this picture (the one on the left) was taken before we finally got walls up in the sunroom.  For about six years it was just insulation and boards, and what an eyesore it was. Then the HM was given a bunch of light green […]

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Growing Up, A Matter of Perspective

Yesterday the FYG had one of those talks with Blynken and Nod where she channels me. One boy had complained about the other receiving two more M&Ms than the other, and was griping, continuously, that this was not fair. FYG began the ‘Life is not fair, and the sooner you figure this out and just […]

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I Hope This Lasts a While Longer

The FYG  and I were discussing various titles for family members and friends in Korea, prompted by a scene in the K-Drama City Hunter.  The female character Kim Na Na goes into a hospital waiting room and sees a little boy struggling to reach a dropped coin that’s rolled beneath a couch.  She goes up […]

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Happy Birthday!!

This adorable little butterball is the darling little hoyden in this post. She’s the lovable culprit in this post. We had to wait six years to have her, and by the time we managed to conceive her, I had given up and thought we’d never have another child.  I’d miscarried at 16 weeks four years […]

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Memory Lane

My youngest two at the creek several years back. She just about reaches his shoulder now.

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