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A Shopping Cart of Gratitude

I took the Cherub grocery shopping today and changed our lives.  I went with the Striderling and his sisters and mama.  While the HG unbuckled the baby and Striderling,  I took the Princess Peach and the Cherub by the hand and went into the grocery store to get one of those carts with the double […]

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Sign Language with Non-Verbal Kids

This is not, by any means, even an attempt at being comprehensive.  It’s just a few ideas we’ve found useful. Our Cherub is nonverbal, but she does hear.  She signs some. She doesn’t have an extensive sign vocabulary and at her best she only had a vocabulary of about fifty words- if we added any […]

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I Once Considered Enrolling The Cherub In School…

This is something I wrote about 15 years ago. We were then living in the state of Washington.   Prior to moving to the state of Washington,  The Cherub had gone through a battery of tests and we were interested in pursuing the possibility of developing Augmentative Communication with her to the point that she […]

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Having a Special Needs Adult… Possibly TMI

You might have a special needs adult in your home if…. … you’re kind of grateful for the constipation days, because that makes clean up so much easier. Until you try to flush… …You step outside to pick up the mail, and then age five years in less than one second when the door sticks […]

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Dealing With Food Allergies As a Guest

For whatever reason, your family, or at least some of them, ‘eat funny,’ that is, different from the norm.  How do you handle that when invited to somebody else’s home?   This kind of depends on your reasons for eating differently- most people can understand and respect a genuine food allergy- like nuts, or having […]

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